Q:  Is there an early-bird discount?

A:  Yes. If you register and pay before November 30th, 2019, a 10% discount will be applied to your conference fee and gala dinner price.  This does not apply to hotel room bookings.


Q:  How can I pay?

A: Payment for MicroCon 2019 events can be made through PayPal to paypal.me/microcon2019, or by e-transfer to microcon2019@slabovia.com, or by mailing a certified cheque or money order.  To obtain an address to mail to, send email to microcon2019@slabovia.com.


Q:  Can I pay in US dollars?

A:  Yes.  Payment can be made in Canadian dollars, or in US dollars.


Q:  I am a member of the press.  Do I need to pay to attend?

A:  No.  If you register  as press, you do not need to pay.


Q:  Is my registration fee refundable if I am unable to attend?

A:  No.  Registration fees are non-refundable..


Q:  When is the latest I can register?

A:  Registration closes on June 15th, 2019.  The Hotel room block and room rate will no longer be available after that date.  We recommend booking your room well in advance.


Q: How can I be a presenter during the conference?

A:  As part of the registration process, you can indicate your interest in being a presenter (speaker) during the conference and submit an abstract of what you will speak about.     There will be a limited number of speakers.  Our program committee will review your abstract and let you know if you have been selected. You must register and submit your abstract no later than May 31st in order to be considered as a presenter.


Q: What kind of presentation should I give?

A: Presentations and speakers should inform the other delegates about an aspect of micronationalism.  To be blunt, nobody wants to see seven people in a row each talk about how their micronation is special and unique and different from all the others.  We’re not saying you can’t mention your micronation, just that a talk focusing on “How North Nowhere has built an aquaculture farm that sells food to the surrounding community” might be more interesting than “The unexpurgated history of North Nowhere”.


Q: I would like to sponsor some aspect of MicroCon 2019, is that possible?

A: Absolutely.  Several micronations are already sponsoring various elements.  Contact us through the contact page to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


Q:  Do I need a VISA to enter Canada?

A: You might.  Check here to find out for sure:  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp


Q:  What is the weather like there at that time of year?  Will it be snowing?

A:  It can be hot in Hamilton in July. The average daily low is 15C (60F) and the average daily high is 27C (81F).  July has an average of 7 days with rainfall, and each day has 15 hours of daylight.  The average snowfall in July is zero.


Q: I will not be attending the conference in person but would like to do a pre-recorded presentation or present via skype.  Is this possible?

A: Sorry, no. Due to time constraints, the number of speakers will be limited.  Speakers will only be selected from among those people who are actually attending the conference in person.


Q: Will there be organized tours of local attractions?

A: Yes.  There will be several organized tours, led by Slabovian citizens.  Details can be found by following this link.   Cost for these tours is NOT included in the conference fee and participants will be subject to additional charges.


Q: Should I bring my Micronational passport?

A: Absolutely.  Many attending Micronations will stamp your passport.  Remember though, that your Micronational passport isn’t likely to get you past Canadian Customs.


Q: What’s the legal drinking age there?

A: The legal age in Ontario for the consumption of alcohol is 19.


Q: Can I set up a static display with artifacts and information about my micronation?

A: Definitely.  Each attending micronation will have the ability to reserve a display table at the conference when registering online.


Q: Can I pin elements of my display to the wall?

A: Unfortunately, no.  The hotel where the conference is being hosted prohibits us from pinning or nailing or stapling anything to the walls as this will cause permanent damage.  A suitable adhesive will be available at the registration desk that can be used to stick things to the walls.


Q: I need a safety pin and some glue to glue a rhinestone back on my tiara, what do I do?

A: No problem.  Whatever you need, check in with the Slabovian Navel Officers at the registration desk or wherever you see one.  They should be able to help you.


Q: Is there an age restriction on attendees?

A: All attendees must be 18 years of age or older as of the start of MicroCon 2019 (July 19, 2019), unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Q: I would like to host a future MicroCon, How do I apply?

A: You can enter a bid to host a future MicroCon at microconcom.com.


Q: What is the dress code for the event?

A: Each part of the event has a separate dress code.


  • For the reception - Semi-Formal:  Men should wear a dark business suit.  Women should wear a cocktail dress or chic suit.  Royal uniforms, military mess dress, military uniform, or traditional/cultural outfits are also acceptable and encouraged.  Sashes, tiaras, and other regalia would not be out of place.

  • For the Conference - Business or Business Casual:  Men should wear a suit and tie, Royal uniform, or military uniform.  Dress pants with collared shirt and blazer is acceptable.  Women should wear a smart dress, pant or skirt suit, separates, or military uniform.  Cultural outfits are acceptable and encouraged.

  • For theGala - Formal:  Men should wear a tuxedo and bow tie, Royal uniform, or military mess dress.  Women may wear either a floor-length dress, an extremely elegant cocktail dress, or sophisticated separates, royal uniform, or military mess dress.  Spruce it up with sashes, tiaras, and other regalia.

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