Code of Conduct


Microcon is a gathering of representatives from various micronations for the purpose of sharing ideas and establishing relations.   Bringing together people with varying beliefs and viewpoints is likely to result in differences of opinion and disagreements, but it is possible to disagree with someone and still respect them as an individual.


We invite you to help us make each MicroCon a place that is welcoming and respectful to all participants.


To that end, MicroCon 2019 is publishing this Code Of Conduct to ensure expectations around appropriate behaviour are clearly understood by all attendees.


The MicroCon 2019 Code of Conduct is based upon equality, tolerance, and peace.  All micronations and delegates are equal, have the right to be different and be free from the judgement of others, and are entitled to peaceful interactions.



  • All attendees are to behave with respect towards all others
  • Provocative topics should be avoided in order to maintain a positive and peaceful atmosphere
  • Use of foul language should be avoided at all times
  • Tact and diplomacy should be employed, especially when interacting with delegates whose beliefs are contrary to one's own
  • Any form of marginalization or harassment will not be tolerated


We expect all participants—attendees, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers—to follow the Code of Conduct during the conference. This includes conference-related social events at off-site locations, and in related online communities and social media.  Participants asked to stop any inappropriate behavior are expected to comply immediately.  Failure to abide by this Code Of Conduct may result in being asked to leave the MicroCon, and in extreme cases may result in an individual being barred from future MicroCon events.


Please bring any concerns to the immediate attention of the event staff.  We thank our participants for your help in keeping the event welcoming, respectful, and friendly to all.


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